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Lockdown Effect on Economy – CMIE estimates

Lockdown effect on economy the middle for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) estimates . that the per centum has increased. from 8.4% within the middle of March to 23%. consistent with the CMIE data, the per centum in urban areas was 8.21 percent as on 15 March 2020. It came in at 8.66 percent on 22 March 2020. Then. after the lockdown was announced on 24 March, it gained tremendous momentum. On 29 March 2020. it reached 30.01 per cent so per the information of 5 April 2020. it’s come right down to 30.93 per cent.

This report shows the India’s urban pct up to 30.9% :-

Unemployment rate has risen to 23.4% thanks to the Corona epidemic spread across the country and therefore the lockdown thereafter. consistent with the CMIE report, the lockdown could increase India’s urban pct to 30.9%, although total unemployment is projected to extend to 23.4%.

Lockdown Effect on Economy

Former Chief Statistician of India, Pronab Sen, says that in precisely period of time of the lockdown, nearly five crore people have lost jobs. Since some are sent home for now, the particular scope of unemployment is also even greater. Lockdown Effect on Economy

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