Benefits of bringing together orphanage and old age home?

Humanity has lost now. Because parents are runing away from their responsibilities and the same thing childrens are doing. Parents refuse to accept their child and they send them to orphange. Abd childrens also send their parents to the old age homes, wgen they become older and cant work anymore.

There are millions of childrens left around. Some are being adopted, some are in orphanages and some are left to find on their own. Same way there are many elderly people left in old age homes and some are left around and living in streets and roads. Older people are missing their childrens and childrens in orphanages are missing their parents.

To solve both of their problems. Government must bring together both of them. By doing so childrens will get their parents and parents will get childrens which are now not with them. This will help both of them to forget their thoughts of not having a parents and childrens.

They will love to share their problems. They will spent time with each other. There will be somebody for both of them to take care of and to love them.This will help both of them to decrease their depresion. This is the best option for both of them, and government must do this in every country.

If it happens so they can stay happy and share their feelings with each other. Theyll stay mentally and physically happy. They can take the feel of s family which they have lost somewhere. Family is whay everyone wants and childrens and parents are everyones need. But when parents becomes older childrens give up and sent them to old age homes.

This what educated people do. Even now uneducated and backward class people are keeping their parents with them and fulfil all their needs. Parents are our god and everyone must do their respect. Whatever we are today, we are just because of our parents. Dont leave them when they need you the most.

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