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Effects of working mothers on childrens?

All over the world theres no country where females are not working. In every country womans are employed. Some are working to run their daily expences. Some to complete their goals. Some for their passion etc.

To increase the number of employed womans goverment has also made some criterias for them in comparison to males. And it is seen that this numbers are increasing day by day. Which is really a good thing.

But in India females who are working and their childrens both have to face many problems. Females have to manage house work and office both at a time. But childrens are effected in many ways. Due to work load females are not able to spent time with their family and specially childrens.

And childrens need their mother with them most. Females are not able to take up their childrens studies. They lack in knowing her childs personal things, due to which they can fall into wrong company. 2-5 years of a child is most important and delicate age group.

At this age they need their mother most.Parents must take care of their child and must give most of time to them. Because when a child is going through this age they catch things very quickly. Whatever we teach and do, child learns it.

Things learnt at this age are those, which a child never forgets in his life. Parents must stay with their children’s to teach the manners and discipline.

It’s not that you take leave from your work and just sit with your child. There are also benefits of working womans to their children’s. Their childrens becomes independent in early stage. They can understand their responsibilities earlier.

Even childrens are more advance in every thing in comparison to other childrens. There are advantages and disadvantages for both the things. So mothers must take care of their children’s with the work too.

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