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How a child becomes a smart kid?

Every parent wants their child to be smart and active in all the activities. They provide all the possible facilities to child so that they can prepare him for up coming challenges. But what about childrens coming from poor families. In schools and around our society we see that many times childrens coming from poor families also ranks at good stages in studies and other activities too.

Many parents and childrens also have a mentallity that only reach peoples childrens can come first. Because as they are reach they can join tution classes or any other type of sport activity. By going in costly classes they become smart. But its not that so. Because childrens coming from poor houses also scores good marks.

They dont have any highly qualified classes to go. This happens because childrens does self study. They listen to their parents advise and work upon it. Instead of going to tution classes a child can study well by his own. If a child has difficulty ask to teachers or parents.

Because parents are the only who can teach you 1000 times better than any highly qualified tution teachers. It depends upon parents how a child is. The way the parents are going to put a child into they will follow up that way only. So its very important that from the starting age of child.

Teach them the things that are good for them in future. Its not that smart childrens only comes from reach houses. Any child can be a smart and intelligent but for that parents has to give time to their children. But now a days parents are so buzy that they dont have time for their own child.In this modern time both the parents are working.

And in this case they are unable to give their child quality time. This is becoming a big problem for childrens. The time at which childrens need most is their parents but at that time they dont have their parents with them.

And in such situations they keep a maid to look after their child. But no money can complete the need of parents to the child. This is another bog reason for childrens are lacking behind in studies and other outdoor activities.

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