How to take care of a newborn baby?

Taking care of a newborn child is a really tough challenge, when its first time. Baby needs very much care immediately after the birth. Not only baby but also mother needs care and support after she delivers baby. Because after the delivery lady losses all her energy, she faces lots of changes in the body in very short time.

So the responsibility of a new mother increases. She has to take care of herself and baby too. Hear youll need a help from family members or friends so you can take care of you and your child. But hear the lady mnages herself any how and she takes care of her baby. But when its first time for a lady its really difficult. And hear they must have a experienced woman for guiding a new mother.

When we talk about baby care the first thing occurs to our mind is umbilical cord. Umbilical cord is the lifeline to baby when hes in mothers womb. But when he takes birth its non of use so doctor cuts it and ties it. After the birth of baby it needs much care.

Umbilical cord must remain dry and the area around it should be clean. It usually falls in 7-10 days. Till that do not give a bath to your baby. Give him a sponge bath so the cord remains dry. While giving a bath to baby take care that you use warm water. Do not put directly water on the face or head.

Start giving bath from legs than come to stomach and than to neck. After bathing immediatly cover baby with clean and soft cloth to dry him. Use soap and shampoo while bathing baby. While feeding new mothers makes a mistake that they feed them with the Sleeping position.

This totally wrong newborn baby must be feeded in sitting position. After feeding baby make him sleeo on your shoulder. Baby must be feeden every after 2-3 hours. Change your baby diaper when its full and use wet wipes to clean when you change the dirty diapers.

Oil massage is very important for newborns. You can use any oil of baby products to massage baby. To avoid rashes on babys skin, use powder and rash cream.

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