Why todays generation is lacking behind in household work?

Everyone wants a good luxuries life. People with good income source can afford this but not every person can do so. To live a life with all the facilities we need money. Money is everything and we can buy anything with money. We see that almost every middle class family has a maid in their house. They cook food, clean house, take care of child and do all the work in the house.

Only people with very low income refuse to keep a maid for house work. All families has a maid to work and family members dont have need to work so they dont work. This results into lack of childrens in household work. Now we see that even the girls and boys going to the colleges also dont know to cook the food.

This is because they never show their parents working. Children learn whatever they see in the house. But now parents dont work so the childrens also dont. Due to this they are unable to learn the new work. Parents only send childrens to the school and classes so they only learn those things.

But as the studies are important for childrens with that the other work is also equally important. For that parents must take care of this things and teach their childrens. If ever a child is alone or anywhere in a situation where they have to cook themselves, so they can cook food and clean house and can take care of themselves.

This things are very neccessary in each ones life and we must learn it.But the growing generation knows only those things, which they learn in schools. Dont just make your child smart only in household work, they must know all the things. For that parents must give quality time to their childrens.

In this time teach your childrens manners and work which they must know. Teach them to cook food, cleaning house, taking care of younger ones etc. Only parents can teach this things to childrens. And its parents priority to make them learn this things. In school childrens can only study but accept that there many other things to learn.

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