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Why childrens are lacking behind in co-curricular activities?

In this digital world everything is getting digital in its own form. Everything has changed womans who used to work first are using machines now to cook food also. Man who use to work hard are also using different types machine for their different works.


Childrens who use to play outdoor games and used to participate in other activities are now sitting at home and just watch TV and play online games.Due to this things childrens getting effected most. They are not taking intrust in other activities. Childrens must stay active in all types of activities.

Co-curricular activities include everything in one group. Dancing, singing, sports, etc. But nowadays childrens spend their most of the time in electric gadgets. Instead of going out for playing outdoor games, childrens love to play online games. Every tiny thing has turned in online form.


And even elders use this online platforms more to relax themselves, so childrens also watch the same thing and does. Its very important that parents must put their child into a way that is correct. If parents will go out and play, do exercise, participate in different activities. Than the child also will follow the same thing. Whatever childrens see they do.

Make a good planing for your family so you can make a proper way for your childrens. This is the reason for which childrens are lacking behind in other activities.To attract childrens towards other extra activities, tell them the importance of perticular activity. See the pasion and intrust of child in which they are more active.

Do not force childrens to perform a perticular activity. Put in the one which they love to do. This will help them in becoming better in the perticular one. Many times parents decide what a child must do. This makes them failure. We must always look at their passion and go forward.

No child is always first in all the subjects but theres the one in which they ranks always first. This is because they love that subject. So its neccessary that child must have intrust in any one field. And accordingly move to it.

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