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To whom a child is more closer mother or father and why?

All parents love their childrens the most in the world. Theres nobody more than their childrens. They are the first and last priority of parents in each and every tiny things. For parents childrens are their world. They sacrifise their hapiness for childrens. Parents fulfill all wishes of their child and return the only thing they want is good scores in studies and other activities.

When we say parents it includes both mother and father. But if we talk about any one among them. Whose most loving one to childrens and for childrens. Hear the answer will be mother. Because mothers have always been very closer to their child. And this journey mother and child starts from the moment when baby comes to mothers womb.

She carries a child in her womb for 9 months and this the most precious feeling in the world of every mother. Hear when the child is in womb without seeing and knowing a child mother starts loving the person inside the womb. Than afterwards when baby takes birth, mother feeds a child for more than year from her chest.

She keeps all priority and safety first for the child and than to herself. Whatever age may a child pass out through but for mothers they are always a child. The care and love that every child gets from mother cant get from any other person throughout the life. Mother is the only person who always keeps watch on you wheather your hungry, tired, sick etc.

This is the reason childrens are more attached to mothers instead of fathers. But it doesnt mean that father doesnt care or love their child. Infact father is the only person who provides a child all the facilities they need.

Fathers spend their whole life in making their childs life. Mother and father both love their child but in their own way. God has distributed the needs of a child to each one in some or the other way.

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