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Whose responsibility is more towards a child mother or father?

A child is most precious gift from god to every couple. And every couple in their life wants to be a parents of a child. Once a child comes in their life everything changes. Parents always gives first priority to their in every tiny things. Because that child now became their life.

Whatever they does they only do for their child only. But when we talk about a mother or a father who is more responsible towards a child. Everyone give more focus to mothers when it comes on childrens. Mother is a god, she keeps a child in her womb for 9 months, she gets the hardest pain when she delivers a child etc etc.

But what about a father, what about his sacrifices. Its not that mothers sacrifise doesnt exists but on the other hand we should also father. The pain that the mother takes up is for one time but father his pain is long lasting. A father has more responsibility of a child because if a woman is not working or earning nobody is going to force her for that.

But if male lacks behind in this matter his family will come on the road. So father looks up for his childs every tiny needs. He completes all the things needed to him. A father is the one who sacrifices all his dreams for his childrens happiness and better future. Whatever child asks for he provides them without asking a question.

It doesnt mean that father has more responsibility of a child. Equally mother is also responsible for his child. A mother is childs first and last teacher. Everything a child learn is from his mother. Mother teaches a child talking, walking, manners and everything.

Both the parents has equal Responsiblities towards their child. No mother can take fathers place and no father can take a mothers place. Mother and father both are equally important in ones life.

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