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How to be a good mother?

Being a parent is worlds best feeling. Its the time when we welcome a new member in our family. To give a tag of family we need a new member. That member completes the family. Every couple is always incomplete without a baby. Because till that they are just a couple but when they have a blessings of a child it becomes family.

As much as the feeling of being parent is good, the same way being a good parent is also very tough. But among mother and father it is always said that the mother sacrifices more for her child. But how to become a good mother. Mothers are always good for their childrens because they always chooses their childs comfort first and than she thinks about herself.

But people judge mothers on basis of their childs manners and smartness. So to be a good mother take care that your child is smart. For this teach your child manners, how to talk to elders, how to behave at home and when outside, respect elders etc. With this take care of your childs studies.

See that hes doing good in overall subjects. Its not neccessary to send them to extra classes or tution classes. If a mother is active in hes studies. If she keeps on checking books and meets the teacher after every week to his ability and improvement. This things will tell people how have you treated your child.

On this basis people will give you the tag of good mother.Its important that every mother should take care of her child. She should keep watch that, woth whom.her child is staying. How is his friend circle. With whom he spends much time. How is his scores in studies, sports and other activities.If your doing this things regularly than for sure your a good mother.

Because this things decides how your childs future will be. Its always in parents hand how their childs upcoming days will be. So being parents it respomsility of every parent to take care of your child in each and every way. If your able to do this following things. Your definetly a good mother.

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