How to do parenting ? to improve your child

Parenting means, how to deal with your child. How to become your childs best friend. Parents always stay strict with childrens due to that childrens dont like them. They also dont share all things with parents. Because they get scared of firing. To know, what your child accepts from you. What type of parents dose they accept.

To know this go back to your childhood. What type of parents were youll accepting. We keeps on advising childrens for each and every little things. Everyone hates advise. When we just advise advise and advise, childrens do opposite of it. They do this to frick parents. By doing this are relaxed and they love to do so.

Become your childs best friend. Play with them, dance with them, go for movie etc. Allow them to go with friends for party sometimes. Dont make them scared of you. Make them friend of you so they can share everything with you openly without any scared.If you keep a relation of friendship with childrens, theyll be fond of.

Spend time with them. Take them out for holidays. If you agree with them, they will also agree to your advise. If you permite them for some things they will also folloq your advise. Its totally upon us, how your child should be. Parenting is a task and everyone must do this properly.

However we treat childrens in their childhood, theyll treat parents in their olderhood. Teach your child manners. Expose them to positive things. Whenever they do a mistake teach them the correct way and correct the mistake. If they reoeat the mistake punish them. If you keep on supporting them in their mistakes.

One day theyll make a big mistake.To teach manners to the childrens its very important that first we do so. Childrens are like empty vessels and we have to fill it with knowledge. It depends on us what knowledge we are giving to our childrens.

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