How to stop childrens habit of playing online games ?

From childens to youngsters and youngsters to olders all love to play online games. This has become a habit of everyone. Due to this childrens are affected most. Because they are lacking behind in studies and other activities.

Outdoor games/ sports are now played by veru few people. Online games are now on trending. As all thinks are going online, sporta also is becoming online.

To keep your childrens away from such uneccessary things, people around us must take care. Firstly parents must never play this games specially infront of childrens. Whatever they see they learn. Secondly take your child to play oudoor games. Also put them in any sports class, whichever they love to play/ learn.

This will make them encourage to play such other games. Dont just take your child to play, you also play with them so they can enjoy. Like this they will fall in love with the games. Outdoor games are most important part of a life and everyone should play.

Online games nit only affects your eyes but it also distracts you from doing your other work on time.Playing a online game is not any bad thing but making it a habit is a bad thing. If you play it for few tym its ok. But we see that all childrens are playing it for whole day and night.

This laks you behind from doing your regular studies and other activities. Dont keep any type of games in your mobiles or laptops, delete them from everywhere. Dont have a conversation on such topics with friends or any other. This will help you in decreasing the habit of playing online games.

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