How to handle teenagers by attracting to bad habit

Every age is a problem. Some are suffering from toodler problems, some from childhood problems, some from, teenage problems, some from middle age and some from old age. If we see theres no age without problems. Every age group had its own types of problems. And the only solution for this problem is death. There are unlimited promblems in everyones life.

The most difficult phase of life comes when a person goes through teenage. Teenagers has many problems. Childrens from age group of 10-15 years are considered to be teenagers. When child comes at this age group, they are totally changed. In this time they face many changes in body and mind. Now they are growing, getting older.

Teenagers love spending time with their friends. Many time it happens that they dont listen to their parents at all. They love to go to the parties, shopping, movie, etc. But because parents dont allow for this things they hate their parents. They get emotional and think of running from home, sucide etc.

To handle this parents must deal with their childrens by becoming their friends. Staying everytime strict with the child is not a solution of every problem. Sometimes you must think about your childs feeling by going on his level. To know your childs actual/ internal problem stay with them.

Deal with them as you are friend of his. When they ask you for something dont just reglect it. Tell them why they must not do so, whats the reason of it. Talk to them with love and softly. So they can understand you and also they will be happy.If you always allow your child for everything, then they will never listen to you.

Because they know that as always happens this time also parents will allow me. So they will do whatever theyll feel to do. See the situation and accordingly deal with the child. Love and strictness both are neccessary for childrens. But you must know when to use which one. Childrens learn from parents, so do what is correct for your child. And what you want them to do.

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