Can a perticular food eaten by mother effects baby ?

Pregnancy is a very important part of life. Pre pregnancy and post pregnancy both have their own factors. Pregnancy includes trimesters and post prenancy includes many factors but the most important among them is breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding should be done carefully. There many points of which we must take care off.

From the birth to the 6 months of baby, he only relives on mothers milk. Till baby completes 6 months must not give water also to baby. Because this 6 months are very delicate for baby. Whatever mother eats, some part of it converts into milk for baby. So its very neccessary that we take care of our daily food plan.

Thare are some food items which can effect the babys health. For this 6 months mothers should avoid oily food, spicy food, street food, junk food etc. If mother eats spicy food baby suffers from stomach pain. Also avoid lemon, orange, mango etc. When a lady is breastfeeding, she must eat properly and healthy food.

Drink more water, keep your stomach full. Because whatever you eat, some part of it converts into milk for baby. Many of us think that if we drink more milk, more milk will be produced for baby. But its not so, whatever food item we eat it converts into milk.Its true that the food items eaten by mothers can effect baby. But it depends on what are you eating.

Everyones body is not same, so consent from your doctor first. He knows better for you. Baby are like a newly plated tree. Much care is needed for them. The way if we put much water to the tree, it will not be able to digest it. Same way if we immediately start eating heavy food, baby will not be able to digest and will get effected.

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