What’s the correct age of a child to learn manners .

Every parents wants their child should be smart. He/she must be the number one in all the activities. It totally depends on parents how their child is. Childrens learn whatever they see in their family. We parents always think that the childrens will become intelligent by chanting books.

No its totally wrong because the correct age at which childrens memory is very sharp and they learn each every tiny thing is 0-3 years. At this period of time childrens memory is so sharp that whatever things they see and hear they never forget that.

When a child is small we say that they are kids and they are not understanding the things. So we always support a child in their every demands. If ever they cry for anything we suddenly give them, thinking that of we dont do so theyll cry.

But this is the starting phase of their life by which they make their things to be kept. So the child gets the key of making their things cleared up. By this they understand that if ill cry ill get the perticular thing. Like this childrens become naughty.

In the same way at this place if we keep on using cell phones infront of childrens and watching tv for long time. Our childrens at that time watches all this things and when they grow up they also does the same thing. Instead of this if we keep on doing our work on time and read books, go out to play, and follow up the proper routine than our child will also follow up the same thing.

So it totally depends upon parents how their child will be in future. Every parents wants their child to be smart and intelligent so they provide all the facilities to them. Send to good school, different types of classes, tution classes etc.

So their child can learn new new things and become a smart child. But this things first starts from whom. Whatever a child will learn from home, all other things will depend on that only.

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